DJI Disables DroneHome Automatic Order Tracking

Early yesterday morning, DJI added a Captcha to their Order Tracking page which immediately interrupted DroneHome's ability to track users' orders on their behalf. A captcha requires a human to interpret the hidden information before the form can be submitted and order details retrieved.

It was discovered that the mobile version of Order Tracking page did not have a captcha. Several hours later DroneHome had a new fix in place for the DJI CLI and the DroneHome automated order tracking was back in action, and over the last 24 hours captured a growing batch of orders that had shipped.

Moments ago, DJI pushed out a change that added a captcha to the mobile version of their Order Tracking page, once again breaking the CLI tool and the DroneHome automatic tracking.

At this time there does not appear to be any legitimate ways to automate this, and DroneHome will more intently rely on manual updates submitted by users.